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Celebrating a Year of Progress for the Ohio Department of Children and Youth


One year ago, Gov. Mike DeWine signed Ohio's biennial operating budget bill and with that created a new state agency, the Ohio Department of Children and Youth (DCY) dedicated solely to Ohio's kids to "promote positive, lifelong outcomes for Ohio youth through early intervention, quality education and family support programs". 

DCY Director Kara Wente, highlights some of DCY's key successes in their first year in this brief and informative video.

DCY has had a busy year with a number of initiatives underway.  These programs offer support and resources focused on the following:

  • Childcare and development
  • Nutrition and social supports
  • Family stability
  • Foster and adoptive support
  • Healthcare
  • Material assistance 
  • Parenting support, education, employment and mentoring
  • Pre- and postnatal care

Check out the latest DCY News ebulletin with updates on activities and resources throughout Ohio's communities and a link to subscribe to future DCY updates. 

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