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All Hands on Deck - Join Free Webinar to Learn How to Stop Bidding Expansion

The final countdown for the nationwide expansion of Medicare competitive bidding is upon us!  While Ohio has lived with this destructive program for years in many of our communities, the full expansion to non-bid, rural areas takes the fight to a whole new level!  We must preserve access to HME services!

We have a short window of opportunity to make a difference before the cuts take effect January 1st, and we need all hands on deck to push through legislation that will transform the nationwide rollout of flawed bid rates.  The American Association for Homecare is hosting a complimentary webinar on Friday, December 4th at 12p Eastern to facilitate this push. 

All OAMES members are invited to attend at no charge.  The webinar will provide everything you need to know on this issue – the details, background and latest developments – so you can get engaged and help this cause.  While the webinar is free of charge, space is limited and registration is required.  Click here to sign up:

If you have any questions on the AAH webinar, please feel free to contact Kam Yuricichat OAMES. 




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